Wonderbox Publishing — Scribing English All Over The Place

This is a cross-promotion post from my other blog. I know, nothing to do with foraging or homesteading, but it does have to do with me, and my ultimate goal of writing. Have a look, check out the kickstarter, and maybe give it a share? Thanks friends! The last week has been pretty productive, though … Continue reading Wonderbox Publishing — Scribing English All Over The Place


Ideas Ideas

Forager Chef posted this gem. And we have some quail eggs in the incubator as well. Drat! I see a lot of people in the Midwest say they’re excited about Spring and mention things like peas. I think what we really should be talking about are stinging and wood nettles, the real first Spring vegetables … Continue reading Ideas Ideas

Spring Will Not Arrive

I've come to accept that spring just isn't coming this year. We will live in perpetual winter and never be able to grow anything. We will sit and huddle our incubation eggs and our chicks in the breeder when the power goes out because the rain is flooding everything, and will swim to work and school through mud, and dance on the uneven ground of hard frozen earth when the snow returns the following week.