New Year, New Me, New Blog

The Sorries Last year got super intense for me. I was really struggling to maintain going to school and the upkeep of a blog. Things have changed. I'm no longer going to school--and yes dear reader, you are the first to be told that aside from Guy. I haven't even told my mom yet (oops). … Continue reading New Year, New Me, New Blog


Re-Aligning the Blog

You mgiht have noticed that this blog has been a little bit more involved with say chickens and being on the farm than it has been with living frugally and foraging. I am hoping to get back into both of these things, but for the moment everything seems to just be chickens. But this blog … Continue reading Re-Aligning the Blog

Why Welsh Autumns Are the Best

I found this from before I started my foraging blog, and I think this was one of the inspirations to get it going. I thought it would be fun to share it on here, to see where this mess all started.

Scribing English All Over The Place

I have a love/hate relationship with North Wales. I have spent my whole life visiting here, and while I’ve always loved seeing my granny and going to the beach when I was a child, moving here straight out of high school was a whole different experience. Being that it’s pretty touristy, I would go from manic summers where I was working 60-100 hour weeks (divided (mostly) between jobs), to having so little work that I needed benefit assistance to get me through the winter. It’s kind of intense.

I did that for the first four years of my adult life, and when I did finally move back to the States, I said I’d never do it again.

Well, here I am. I’ve just survived the insanity of the summer (with an injury this time–60 hours work is not my game any more, it would seem), and entering into the autumn…

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