Snow Woes

A little reminder of our frugal-living situation for those who aren’t aware:

My partner, Guy, and I are do a work-to-stay situation with a North Yorkshire Farm. For Guy’s hard work, they’ve given a caravan to live in, they pay our gas, electric, water and so on. They’ve also said we can essentially do whatever we want on the farm: raise chickens, grow veg, make money off scrap that’s around and so on. They have been immensely kind and generous.


Over my birthday and Christmas, Guy got me some ridiculous number of bulbs which we managed to plant the last of (I think I estimated somewhere near 300 bulbs last time I checked) on Saturday. Of course, it then started to get cold.

Really cold.

As in the high for some of the days this week is supposed to be -2C.

And then the other night it started snowing.

If you’re in the UK at all, I’m sure you’ve had some measure of this. And being from the Pacific Northwest, I’m not unfamiliar with snowy winters (though they’ve been few and far between over the last decade and a half). I can hack this.


Well, so I thought until trying to hack it living in a caravan.

img_4581The good news is that we have tons of wood and a wood stove. The bad news is that our caravan isn’t entirely insulated. For example, I saw a few snowflakes making their way in where the water boiler is hooked up, and the wind from the Beast from the East has wedged a pile of snowflakes along the corners of the doors–inside.

Our water pipes have been frozen all day. Our gas condensed enough we couldn’t use it last night until we put a towel soaked with boiling water over the canister.

And to top it all off, I’m sure I’ve traumatised our newly planted bulbs.

Bad stuff aside – it is just damn beautiful.



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